"Journey to Wellness - it's a Lifestyle"


Fun Fitness and Wellness Classes

Classes held at ThiaFIT Studio in Lino Lakes are open to all ages 11+ all levels of ability unless stated otherwise.

Pre- Registration ends one week prior to class start date.

Please bring your own mat and wear comfortable clothing with supportive shoes.

Hips In Motion
Strength/Cardio Burlesque!
90 minutes
Experience new methods to move your body with simple cardio dance techniques. Grab a chair and get a terrific strength workout while learning fun, sassy moves that use muscles other aerobic classes don't even touch! Build confidence and better muscle tone through self-awareness. Relax at the end of each class with gentle light stretching. Leave feeling refreshed, renewed and in control! Preferably this class is done barefoot.
Women ages 18+

60 minutes
Get fit! Let loose! Have fun!
Taiogalet® is a fun fitness fusion of Tai Chi, Yoga and Ballet creating a complete cardio and strength workout. This chic, invigorating class will move you to the rhythm of the music. Taiogalet® is a whole body fitness and lifestyle experience. Through vivid movement Taiogalet® enables one to excel. Reveal hidden power and satisfaction,enhance your life! Preferably this class is done barefoot.

90 minutes
Boost Your Metabolism
Kick start your metabolism with this cardio class that's a fun mix of cardio, strength & flexibility!

Preferably this class is done barefoot.

Family Fitness
50 minutes
This program is for people who find it difficult to get to an exercise class with a child at home. Here is your chance! This program encourages you to bring your child along. The aerobic and strength exercises will be geared so you and your child can have a great time exercising together.
Limited to three children to one adult. Ages 3+

Outdoor Complete Fitness
75 minutes
Hit the trails with a fun, easy-to-follow, low impact fitness program! Increase your cardiovascular endurance and enhance your muscle tone with high energy cardio and interval training. Class ends with light stretching and mind-body relaxation to improve flexibility and reduce stress.

Cardio Groove
60 minutes
No dance experience needed! Easy free-style dance will give you a great cardio workout that burns calories while having fun.
Let's party, get in the groove! Class ends with light stretching.

Ball, Core & More!
60 minutes
Optimize your core strength to enhance your daily activities. Improve your wellness through balance, coordination and flexibility while learning a variety of FUN ball exercises (i.e. Pilates, Yoga, and more!). Please bring a large exercise ball and mat.

Core Potential
60 minutes
Empower your body to its full potential with this cardio and core strengthening class. You'll use your body weight to build lean muscle that burns fat.
Get fit and look great!

Cardio Blast
90 minutes
Stuck on a plateau? Unable to get motivated or lose those last few pounds? Get your heart pumping with these fun, easy to follow moves! Boost your cardio endurance and enhance your performance. Experience three different classes: Complete Fitness, Hips in Motion &Taiogalet®. Come on, you can do it, its "FUN"!

Cardio Boost
120 minutes
This low impact Fitness class is for teens and adults of all abilities and is designed to boost your metabolism improving your ability to burn calories faster. Class builds strength, increases energy, reduces anxiety, defines muscle tone and enhances flexibility. The instructor will lead you through a variety of fun fitness activities: Boxing, Kick Boxing, Power Walking, Free Style Dance, Step, Cardio Funk, Yoga, Tai Chi, Strength Toning, Resistance Work, Interval Training, Cardio Sports, Ballet, Pilates, and More!

40 minutes
In this class toddlers will have the opportunity to work on developmental skills, through fun exercise! Gross and fine motor skills, as well as hand/eye coordination will be incorporated through yoga and play activities. Parent involvement is essential & required in order to create a successful experience. Ages 1-2 & 3-4

Classic Fitness
60 minutes
Classic Fitness is a "FUN EASY-to-follow", low impact exercise program for seniors of all abilities. Increase cardiovascular endurance, energy, and strengthen muscles, while improving balance through free style aerobic dance. Light stretching to relax reduce stress, and gain flexibility. Ages 50+