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Mind Body
Relaxing Wellness & Fitness Classes

Classes are open to all ages 11+ & levels of ability unless stated otherwise.
Pre- Registration ends one week prior to class start date.
Please bring your own mat and wear comfortable workout clothing,
and supportive shoes.

Comfort Yoga® Mini Class
(All Ages)
45 minutes
De-stress, relax, strengthen and inspire. Schedule some time for yourself.
Receive personal attention. Classes are limited to 4 people and include take home instruction on each class.

Reflection & Relaxation
60 minutes
Learn techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue. This energizing, motivational class will help you create a feeling of well being through positive attitude and a mind-body-breath connection. Class involves light stretching.

What Is Comfort Yoga®?
60 minutes
Ever wonder what the yoga craze is all about or why yoga is so popular? Come see for yourself what yoga is all about. Is it strength? Is it flexibility? Is it balance? You don't have to turn yourself into a pretzel to benefit from yoga. Come see just how easy and rewarding yoga can be.

Comfort Yoga® For Two
90 minutes

Grab a friend for this unique
2-person yoga class. Yoga promotes good health through mind-body-spirit AND studies show that those who exercise with someone are more likely to continue. Participants will be introduced to the basic yoga fundamentals (balance, alignment, Yoga breath) and 2-person Yoga postures - all in a relaxed environment.

Intro to Comfort Yoga®
60 minutes
This class will introduce you to the basics of Hatha Yoga. Comfort Yoga® promotes good health by increasing strength, flexibility, energy and reducing physical and mental stress. Learn Yoga breath, postural alignment, stretching, balance and mind-body connection. Small class size offers participants individual attention

Comfort Yoga®
60 minutes
This fun and relaxing class you will practice Hatha Yoga fundamentals.Emphasis will be on breathing to enhance the yoga postures, plus you'll learn postural alignment, relaxation, stretching, balance and meditation techniques. Yoga is a great way to reduce stress while you maintain your flexibility, improve your core strength, reduce physical and mental stress and increase your energy. Small class size offers individual attention.

Kids-er-cise® Yoga
45 minutes

Yoga promotes good health and wellness. In this fun class students will learn Yoga basics: relaxation, stretching, balance, concentration, and Yoga breath.
Ages 5-10/ grades K-3

Comfort Yoga® Mindfulness
90 minutes
Learn how to quiet your mind and relax your body. Using visualization, and guided imagery techniques we will explore the mind-body connection. You'll learn ways to reduce stress and fatigue to promote better sleep. Come for the experience! Leave with knowledge and renewed energy.

Comfort Yoga® For Menopause
Ages 18+
60 minutes
Learn breathing techniques and postures (light stretching) to ease the symptoms of menopause. Improve flexibility, mobility, posture and functional strength. Restore a sense of balance and inner peace in your life. Renew your sense of control. Women 18+

Comfort Yoga® For Your Back
60 minutes
How do minor or major changes (i.e. environment, injury, illness and stress) affect your body alignment? How can yoga benefit your back? Learn how yoga can alleviate back pain, reduce stress and increase flexibility. Receive instruction on basic spinal anatomy and easy yoga postures designed to restore natural posture.

Comfort Yoga®
Presentation, Class or Party

Host a Yoga presentation, class or party at your location, in the home, office or anywhere. Comfort Yoga® is for everyone! Yoga promotes tranquility, nurturing your health, reducing physical and mental stress. Revitalizing your body and soothing your mind creating inner peace. Participants will be introduced to Hatha Yoga fundamentals, including breathing, and relaxation techniques, stretching, balance, and proper postural alignment. Increase your energy, flexibility, strength, and awareness, through mind, body, and spirit. Classes also include handouts on posture benefits for daily practice at home. Instructor has extensive training in yoga and fitness education and practices yoga daily. If applicable, please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a mat if applicable.

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For more information or to schedule a Presentation/Class/Party!

"Comfort Yoga® Images"
Relax in the comfort of your home and follow along. "Yoga Images" photo DVD will guide you through three different posture sequence's. Two of the sequences are approximately 60 minutes each. The third "BONUS" sequence can be either 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutesdepending on what your day allows.
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DVD Posture Sequences

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